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The fiber we carry is mainly home raised. The animals are never harmed for their wool. We either process the fleeces ourselves or have Zeilingers, a wool processing mill, clean and turn into roving.We sell the fiber in 8oz lots, and do custom dyeing.

The following are a sample of the fibers we carry.  We also do custom blending and dyeing The fiber change so go to or contact me at

Suri Alpaca blend of black and fawn yearling fleeces (baby) Suri has a soft silky feel 8oz $23.00

Black Alpaca blend of baby and yearling shearing. Very soft , excellent feel. approz 4 in. staple length 8oz $28.00

I blended 2 of my Merino sheeps fleeces together, Hermonie a dark morret and Percy a dark brown with silver patches. Both are very fine and kept covered. 8 oz $28.00

White Merino Comb Top very very nice feel 8oz $48.00

**NEW** 60% Black Merino/40% Honey Tussah Silk- Percy our black ram has a fine fleece (see Percy on fiber animal page) that was blended with beautiful honey tussah silk. Excellent spinning, beautiful feel and look. 8oz $34.00

"Carmel" 50% Kid Mohair, 30% Merino, 20% Angora Beautiful to spin and knit 8oz $30.00

Capriota, our White Alpaca, beautiful roving 8oz $32.00

Black 50% Kid Mohair, 30% Merino, 20% Angora 8oz $30.00

Narcissa is a white Merino ewe nice color very fine wool some veggie matter 8oz $23.00

White Norwegian Top Roving 8 oz $12.00

White Welsh Top roving 8 oz $16.00

"Oatmeal" 50% Kid Mohair, 30% Merino, 20% Angora 8oz $30.00

White Finn Top $20.00 (I have Brown also)

Mohair Fleeces $16.00 LB light carmel to black

White Rombuilet-cross excellent for dyeing, spinning and felting 8oz $18.00

**NEW BLEND** 40% White Merino (Blaze), 35% Fawn Alpaca ( see him on the fiber animal page) and 25% angora (from our bunnies) very soft, excellent feel, a real pleasure to spin $36.00 8oz SOLD

Black Alpaca excellent feel 8 oz $28.00

F1) The next nine pictures are for samplers: This a sample of dyed merino , we use an acid dye, and have many shades to choose from. The fiber is sold in 8oz lots for $22.00. You may choose up to 8 colors, including natural white, brown or black.

F2) Choose 2 colors- 8oz superwash merino $16.00, dyed merino $22.00

F3) White, black, and choose 1 solid and 1 blend 8oz superwash $16.00 , merino $22.00

F4) 8oz dyed merino choose 4 colors $22.00

F5) 8oz $19.00 2 colors dyed merino, and 2 colors superwash merino

F6) Superwash merino 8oz $16.00 4 colors

F7) White, and 1 color 8oz superwash merino $16.00, merino $22.00

F8) White, and black 8oz superwash $16.00, merino $22.00

F9) 8oz superwash 2 solid and 2 blends $16.00