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These are pictures of some of our fiber animals,or friends animals at shearing time

Llama and baby

Natural colored merino ram

Percy is a natural colored ram, waiting to be sheared. He is in a full 1 year fleece, that was covered during the year.

Poppy in the background, is a natural colored merino ewe. Her fleece weighted in at a little over 9 lbs


Lucius our ram is being sheared

Natural colored merino

Hermione a 2 year ewe after shearing

Alpaca male on shearing table

The table tilts up and the alpaca is strapped to it then the table is tilted down and the shearing can start.  

John shearing

beautiful fleece

Angora rabbit

Young red satin angora

Young male alpaca

The boys were sheared about 6 months ago, I'll wait about a year to shear again, 18 month fleece

Yearling male alpaca

Cream male alpaca after shearing, next shearing will be in 18 moinths.

Angora goat

Natural colored adult male angora goat

Watch out for the horns

Black buck in 6-7 month coat. These goats are sheared twice a year, and kept covered the same as the merino sheep.

Silk worms

Cathy of Rock River Ranch, raises silk worms. In the front is the silk worm and in the paper rolls, are spinning worms and cocoons. 

Silk worm

This a picture of hatching silk cocoons. The males wait for the females to hatch and then mate