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The following are pictures of yarn that can be ordered

Fibers we usually have are alpaca, angora, mohair, silk, and llama. In sheep wools we work with merino, polwarth, border leicester, cotswold, rombuillet, and romney.  All in natural color, white. and also dyed to order. We also have a beautiful blend of merino, mohair, and angora, and our new blend of merino, alpaca, and angora. We do custom orders just pick the fiber or fibers, color and yarn weight.  We also work with superwash merino, and spin it to a fun novelty yarn. The yarn is priced by the skeins weight depending on the type of fiber. Please feel free to contact us for prices. To see what's available now go to 


We raise white and natural colored Merino sheep. Our yarn is made from fine and very fine fleeces for soft yarn.   Our  sheep are white, brown, and black.  


100% Angora Yarn Saffron Spice

Angora has a wonderful feel and takes dyes beautifully. This yarn has a beautiful halo and color


We have Alpaca in shades from cream to black.  Order by yarn weight and color. 

100% Angora Yarn

Angora is warn with a soft feel and beautiful halo


Angora is a beautiful fiber that comes from angora rabbits.  We raise most colors and usually have fiber available. The colors range from white, to blues, blacks, agouti, reds, chocolates and torts.   At this time very limited quantities


Superwash merino is treated to help prevent felting. I do custom blending  of three to four colors, with glitz added for sparkle. This is a very soft fiber and when 3 plyed excellent for socks.  We have a large selection of colors,  whites , creams, and multi colors of reds, greens, yellows, silvers, blacks, browns, pinks, oranges, blues, purples,  and greys. Choose 1 color  or a blend of 2 to four, and yarn weight


 One ply natural colored wool plyed with colored superwash merino.  Choose color of merino.


Austrailia fine wool.  Pictured is dyed, natural available


Superwash Merino is treated to prevent felting.  This yarn is blended pinks and oranges.  We have about 40 different colors, white, greys, blacks, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, and purples. Some are shown in fiber. 


Cotswold is a medium wool, we have  natural colored, or like the picture custom dyed